This blog is about sharing my professional experience with Scrum, Enterprise Architecture and Software Development.  Also, from time to time I will provide my .02 cents on patterns and  business transformation – including Human Capital Management.  In my experience, the challenges that we face as technologist are not technology related, rather they are the forces that challenge every project – the iron triangle.


An IT Governance model can ease the non-technical challenges that a program/project encounter.  A sound IT Governance defines how a firm will leverage technology in order to gain a competitive advantage in the market place.  Also, it defines the key IT principles that we need to accomplish as technologists for the Enterprise.  In a nutshell,  IT Governance coupled with IT principles can provide the holistic vision needed to effectively fuse people, process and technology.

A great deal of my technical consulting career has been dealing with such Governance related issues.  Stay tune as I share my lessons learned.


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