Oracle Fusion Middleware


The following description is from the oracle online documentation:

RUL-00026: exception in invoked Java method {0} {1,choice,0#|0<at line {1,number,integer}} {2,choice,0#|0< column {2,number,integer}} {1,choice,0#|0< } {3,choice,0#|0<in {4}}Cause: A Java method invoked from RL threw an exception.

Action: Investigate the root cause of the exception thrown by the Java method. It is available as the cause of the exception thrown with this message.Level: 1


Impact: Programmatic

This error is caused by the Oracle RL executed in the business engine. If you have not had the chance, create a debug function for your custom function. (I will create a short tutorial shortly) Then, test the function.

Also, validate the XML input in order to make sure that all required elements are being submitted.